The New (Sometimes) Daily Workout

This is it.

You’re smelling the sweat-soaked towel right now.

These 500+ words are the culmination of today’s gym session.

The fitness of my mind is paramount. Its ability to stay open-minded, connect seemingly disparate ideas, and make sense of the world is the most important skill that I believe I must maintain to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

So this is my daily workout. My daily gym session for the mind.

When my body becomes old and frail, I will only have my mind. Or at least there’s the likelihood that I’ll have more of it than my body.

Think of Hawkins and Einstein. They were still strong of mind when their bodies were lacking physical strength.

The fitness of the body is important too but the mind is what we use to influence ourselves to work out the body.

So to make the body truly fit, we must first focus on working out the mind.

So this is my daily workout. 500 words published.

And of course there will be days when 500 words will be hard or the topic I choose won’t be close to my heart or I won’t be proud of the results of the workout because I know I can do better.

But completing the workout is more important than the outcome.

Because I can only control doing the work - I can never control the outcome.

And just like going to the gym and working my body is only for me and very personal, this too is for me and very personal.

And other pepole could see the results of my workout (because I’m publishing publically), but the “why” behind my workout is only for me.

And the results are only for me.

And the only result that matters to me is the completion of the workout: PUSH PUBLISH.

PUSH PUBLISH. And my workout is complete.

And every workout is great as long as I get to the end of it by publishing.

It doesn’t even have to be 500 words...

Just like a physical workout where I’m running and stop before going as fast or as far as I intended. It’s not a bad run because I at least started and finished the run.

And that was all I asked of myself in the first place...To run.

So I love myself for running and that’s it. I can always go further but that’s not the point. The point is just to run and complete the run.

Whether that’s for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. If I’m not running right now then any running is better than no running.

The same goes with my mental workout.

I must write and publish.

As long as I write something and push publish, then I’m happy.

I’ll have completed my workout for the day. I’ll know that I’m mentally stronger for just having done it.

And I can go on with my day knowing that I finished something that will make me better regardless of it’s quality.

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