The Anchors

When I think of life, I imagine emotions like the sea and I’m in a boat on that sea.

The anchors are the ideas and principles that keep me afloat and safe and ensure that I’m rarely unhappy.

Sometimes the sea is calm and tranquil. Sometimes there’s a perfect wind in my sails and I’m so happy I feel like I’m unstoppable. Other times the waves are huge and unpredictable and they put my boat on the verge of capsizing.

So I’ve built anchors for my boat. These anchors are the principles that tie me back to safety. They ensure my boat is always afloat. They allow me to love experiencing the highs and lows of the sea without fear of capsizing or being swept away.

At any moment I can hit the button on my anchors and they will pull me back to shore so I can recover and get back on the sea as quickly as possible.

These are my anchors. They ground me in all situations and give me a stable method to evaluate any emotion or life decision.

I am alive

Every moment I’m alive is the best moment of my life - It has to be. I can’t relive the past and I’m not even promised the next moment in the future. I could die literally one second from now. So I have to love this moment of life as the best moment ever because it’s the only moment I’m experiencing. I’m not living in the past or the future but instead am always grateful for the present. I am alive. The alternative is nothing so I have to love the fact that I’m able to experience anything right now. Logically then, the lowest I can fall to is contentment but the reality is that I’m always happy. Because I’m alive.

Remember how big “big” is and how small “small” is

The biggest of big is so massive and the smallest of small is so minuscule that we can’t even comprehend either of them. But because of these facts, I am both nothing compared to the size of the universe and I am the universe to things that are tiny to me.

I am nothing and everything.

Remember that there are hundreds of billions of suns in our galaxy and hundreds of billions of galaxies.

And remember that there are hundreds of billions of neutrinos passing through a square inch of your body (and the earth) every second as if I’m not even here.

We weren’t born with a user manual

So there is no right answer for anything. And there’s no wrong answer. We are all just trying our best to figure it out and no one has the answer. So I can’t be eternally mad at anyone for anything. They are doing what I’m doing - figuring it out without a user manual.

We aren’t even flawed then. How could we be? To have a flaw, there must be a model that to judge against that is unflawed. And we have no universal model for being human. Then we also cannot be broken - because we don’t know what fixed looks like.

So we just are. We are learning, and growing, and living. And we are doing it at the perfect speed for each of us individually.

The meaning of life is whatever I choose it to be

Because none of us got a user manual for being human, there is no externally and universally defined meaning of life. At least not one that is known to me.

So the meaning of life is really just the meaning of MY life.

And I get to choose the meaning of my life.

You can’t control the outcomes

You can influence them but you can’t control them. So don’t tie your emotions to the outcomes. The outcomes are not a good anchor.

The only person you have to live with forever is yourself

So I will get to know him as best as I can and will love him unconditionally. I want to protect him for the long run by pushing him to be healthier, wealthier, and wiser so his life lasts as long as possible and he’s physically, emotionally, socially, and financially capable of achieving and having anything that he wants. I must be my best friend because I’m the only person that I know I’ll have in my life forever.

The mind is the only puzzle worth solving

If I’m able to understand how my mind works and how to influence it, I am unstoppable. I can achieve anything, experience any emotions deeply without fear, and recover from suffering and trauma quickly. Solving my mind unlocks everything in life.

Compared to everything, I know nothing

It’s the only fact I know. Thinking of how big “big” is and how small “small” is, there are so many things to know but it will be impossible for me to even get close. So I accept this fact and I’m not hard on myself for not knowing something. It’s impossible for me to know anything compared to everything, so I instead love learning anything no matter what age I am when I learn it.

Truth is constantly changing

As we learn more about ourselves and the world around us, our “truth” is updated. Truth is just our personal understanding of ourselves and the world around us. There are probably universal truths but there is no way for us to know them yet.